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Velvet Malachite

Velvet Malachite

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Malachite: The Transformation Stone

Journey through the swirling greens of our Malachite, a stone that captures the essence of the earth's verdant splendor. With its rich, banded patterns that ripple with varying shades of green, each piece of Malachite is a miniature landscape of Mother Nature’s artistry. Revered since ancient times, this stone has adorned the powerful and the wise, and is as much a symbol of protection as it is of beauty.

Known as the 'Transformation Stone,' Malachite is believed to be a potent aid in personal growth and transformation, encouraging risk-taking and change. It's said to open the heart to unconditional love, inviting healing and fostering healthy relationships. Malachite is also thought to be a protector stone, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the body and environment. Ideal for those embarking on new life chapters or seeking a guardian in their spiritual journey, our Malachite offerings are a touchstone to inner and outer metamorphosis.






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