Collection: Canadian Art & Decor

Made by Local Canadian Artisans 

Wall art and grounding lamps are designed to bring the peaceful energy we get from nature, into our living or work space. Made from natural driftwood that has been cleaned and sealed to preserve the wood. We use a matte clear natural finish so the look of the natural wood is not changed. Crystals are natural and from various regions of the world. Moss has been boiled and treated so you can be sure the color will last. We use industrial adhesive and/or resin to insure lifespan. 

Wood burned products using high voltage electricity/ Lichtenburg method. A unique design on every piece. Depending on the wood type and density, different patterns and burn depth will vary. Message us if you are interested in having something specific burned and we can either ship it cleaned and unfinished or we can create a custom finished piece for you. 


Custom Birch Bark Moose Calls and Decorative Paddles. Handcrafted with superior craftsmanship and intricate detail. Customization available. We can personalize one with company branding or with almost anything you'd like. Price will vary depending on complexity of the inscription requested. 

Stands or mounts are also available.

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