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Flower agate Tower

Flower agate Tower

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Flower Agate: The Blossom of Potential

Step into the garden of possibilities with our Flower Agate, a stone that captures the essence of growth and blossoming potential. This enchanting crystal, with its soft, floral patterns, appears to hold frozen flowers within its translucent depths, making each piece a unique snapshot of nature's beauty. Harvested from the mineral-rich soils of Madagascar, our Flower Agate is a heart-opening stone, inviting you to nurture your dreams and aspirations.

Flower Agate is celebrated as a stone of new beginnings and is revered for its ability to ignite a deep-seated adventure towards personal growth. It's believed to harbor the energy of the Earth and nature, offering support and encouragement in times of change. This nurturing gem is perfect for those embarking on new ventures or seeking to rekindle joy in their life's journey. Let our Flower Agate be your companion in unfolding life's potential and sowing the seeds of your future.

Weight: 72g

Height: 3.6 Inches 

Width: 1 Inch

Ships From Ontario Canada 


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