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Raw Moonstone

Raw Moonstone

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Moonstone is distinguished from other similar stones by the presence of adularescence. Adularescence is the optical phenomenon that causes the extraordinary glow on the surface of moonstone. 

Stories from around the world:

Some ancient Asian cultures believed the gem was a solid ray of moonlight filled with good spirits, and moonstones in India were revered as a symbol of the third eye. By the Medieval period, Europeans had adopted moonstones into their mystical arts and gazed into them to invoke prophetic dreams.

From Ontario Canada. 

Length 3in

Width 3in

Height 2in

Weight 198g

Metaphysical Properties:

Moonstone cultivates compassion and empathy. It helps us to tap into our intuition and enhances psychic abilities and clairvoyance. The creative and intuitive power of feminine energy is activated by the moonstone. It can help us balance and cool down emotions and stress.


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