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RARE! Baryte on Auralite Red Amethyst

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This cluster of crystals are very unique and would make an excellent addition to a collection. The red Amethyst points (created by Hematite inclusions) are hosting soft pink baryte crystals. The Amethyst to the side has interesting growth lines and is both yellow and purple (Ametrine). 

Length 4in

Width 2.25in

Height 2in

Weight 5.2oz

Metaphysical properties:

Auralite allows the body to relax & removes tension, headaches, eye strain, stress & muscle pain. Auralite tones down anger & hot tempers. It also raises mindfulness & teaches to think before doing. This stone is also known as the “Ultimate Master Healer” due to its powerful healing properties.

Barite is a crystal for personal freedom and accepting one's power. Barite can promote the process of catharsis, a purging and purification that releases repressed emotions.

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