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Grape Agate Specimen

Grape Agate Specimen

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Grape Agate: The Clustered Harmony Stone

Introducing our Grape Agate, a mesmerizing stone composed of small, botryoidal formations that naturally cluster together, reminiscent of bunches of grapes. This unique stone ranges in color from shades of soft lilac to deep purple, each cluster a miniature landscape of soothing hues. Grape Agate is as delightful to the touch as it is to the eyes, with its bubbly and intricate surface.

Known as the 'Clustered Harmony Stone,' Grape Agate embodies unity and togetherness. It's believed to promote inner stability, composure, and maturity. Its gentle energy is said to encourage a sense of security and trust in one's own judgment. This stone is thought to enhance the perception of one's connectedness with the universe, making it ideal for group or community work where collective harmony is desired. For those seeking to deepen their meditative practice or to bring a sense of calm to their environment, our Grape Agate offers a touch of playful serenity.

Weight: 92 g

Height: 2.2In 

Width: 2.3 In 


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