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Elite Thunder Bay Amethyst With Natural Citrine

Elite Thunder Bay Amethyst With Natural Citrine

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Thunder Bay District of Ontario is world famous for its distinctive, ancient amethyst crystals.

Mined ourselves from an undisclosed private mine site in McTavish Township, in the Thunder Bay District. Called Meteoric Amethyst, Thunder Bay Red Amethyst, Canadian Amethyst and Auralite 23, this rare and unique mineral is highly sought after by collectors around the world.

Weight:4kg 270g 




 Experience the harmonious fusion of vibrant Citrine and serene Thunder Bay Amethyst in our exquisite Ametrine—a gemstone that blends geological wonder with metaphysical beauty.

Geological Blend: Ametrine is a rare natural gem, combining the golden glow of Citrine with the regal purple of Thunder Bay Amethyst. This remarkable merger of colors and energies is a testament to the Earth's creative forces.

Metaphysical Synergy: Ametrine serves as a powerful conduit for both abundance and spiritual insight. It harmonizes the energies of Citrine, known for its prosperity and positive energy, with Thunder Bay Amethyst's ability to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition. Together, they create a unique balance, fostering abundance and enlightenment.

Practical Applications: Place it in your meditation space to experience the harmonious synergy of these energies. Display it as a radiant decor piece, radiating its uplifting and enlightening energy throughout your space. Embrace the duality of abundance and spiritual wisdom in your daily life.

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Unlock the potential of Ametrine, the fusion of Citrine and Thunder Bay Amethyst. Elevate your space and spiritual journey. Order yours today and experience its transformative essence!


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