About Us

Welcome to our shop! Earth's Emporium is a unique place where people can come for all things crystal's, meditation, art and crystal adventure.  I'm Tamara and this is my face: 

As an avid rockhound and crystal collector, I often found it difficult to find good raw specimens of crystals and minerals in metaphysical stores or crystal shops. However, as a lover of meditation and energetic vibes, I also enjoy polished crystal towers, palms, spheres & decor.  Surprisingly, the metaphysical community and the rockhound collector community don't often run in the same circles. 

Our goal is to create a non biased non judgmental community where people can buy crystals for the purpose of collecting and healing. A place where rockhounds can sell their crystal specimens to other collectors but also to people that will appreciate the benefits of a raw natural crystal. A community where people can gain appreciation about the processes of crystal and mineral acquisition and finishing. Check out some of our adventure blog posts!

We are based in Cochrane Ontario Canada.  We travel across North America collecting specimens from different sites along the way. Our crystal and mineral finds are posted or used to create natural artwork. 

As a certified meditation teacher I like to promote connection with nature, especially with kids. Teaching people about mindfulness and adventure brings sincere light to my life.  We are grateful for our customers and we are excited about future growth plans through Earth's Emporium and working with you however we can.

As we grow and develop our team here at Earth's Emporium we absolutely welcome any feedback or comments that you might have. Don't be shy we are here to help and we love to chat!

Have a beautiful day ♡

Crystal Vibe Tribe