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The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Libra

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Libra: Cosmic Shenanigans and Crystal Sidekicks

Date: October 14, 2023

Alright, cosmic enthusiasts, I'm here with the 411 on this October 14th. Between a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse both having a soirée in Libra, things are about to get as wobbly as me in high heels after a glass of wine. But fret not, I've got the crystal deets to help you channel your inner zen goddess.

New Moons: The Universe’s “Reset” Button

Consider the New Moon as your celestial do-over - a chance to begin anew, especially when you believed you'd exhausted all second chances after that impromptu home hair snip.

 Libra: Instagram's Filter for Life

Libra: aiming to keep things fair, balanced, and as harmonious as a cat video. When the New Moon lands in Libra, it's the universe whispering, "Honey, check your emotional baggage at the door."

Solar Eclipses: The Kardashians of the Cosmos


Solar Eclipses? The universe's drama magnets. They're unpredictable, full of surprises, and a tad extra – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

New Moon & Solar Eclipse's Libran Tango: What to Expect?

1. Relationship Reality Checks: Friendships, love interests, that weird relationship with your houseplant – everything's up for review.

2. Balance Bonanza: It’s time to strike a balance, from juggling work and play to that questionable dance between coffee and wine.

3. Plot Twists Ahead: Life's about to serve some cliffhangers. Buckle up.

Crystals to the Rescue!

Okay, so, which glittering buddies should you have by your side during this cosmic rodeo?

Rose Quartz: Known as the stone of love, it's perfect for navigating those relationship waves. It promotes understanding, compassion, and healing.

Lapis Lazuli: This royal blue beauty boosts wisdom and clarity – great for those “Aha!” moments the eclipse might bring.

Moonstone: Given the lunar energies at play, moonstone is a must-have. It enhances intuition, balance, and connects you to the moon's magic.

Opal: A Libran gem, it helps with personal transformation, emotional balance, and expressing your true self.

Embracing the Vibes:

Jot Down Dreams: List those intentions, even if it's just getting through the week without a coffee stain on your shirt.

Mindful Moments: Try some meditation. If inner peace was a game, consider this your cheat code.

Chat it Out: Discuss, debate, doodle – communicate!

Indulge: In self-care, in chocolate, in bad jokes – you do you!

In closing, October 14th is gearing up to be the universe's wild party, and you're on the guest list. With these crystal sidekicks, you're all set to ride the cosmic waves with style and a sprinkle of sass. Remember: when in doubt, dance it out... and maybe charge those crystals under the eclipse for an extra boost! Cheers! 🍷


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I’m so glad I have a huge interest in moonstone. This year with so much going on in Libra season, it was tough to get through.

Kristal Hadley

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