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Unakite Tower

Unakite Tower

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Unakite: The Stone of Vision

Venture into the verdant embrace of our Unakite, a gemstone that harmonizes the vibrant life force of green with the soft, nurturing embrace of pink. Sourced with care from the river valleys of Virginia, Unakite presents a world where healing green epidote, warm pink feldspar, and quartz come together in a mottled tapestry that beckons the heart to observe and the spirit to soar.

Esteemed within metaphysical circles as a 'Stone of Vision,' Unakite is believed to open the third eye and enhance intuition, providing a deeper sense of clarity and insight. It's said to promote emotional balance, bringing the bearer's consciousness to the present moment, and is often used to support convalescence and recovery from illness. Ideal for those seeking to harmonize their emotional body with their spiritual experience, our Unakite offerings are beacons of gentle healing and personal growth.

Height: 3.8in


Depth: 0.8in 

Weight: 94g

Ships from Ontario, Canada 


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