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Shungite with Pyrite Tower

Shungite with Pyrite Tower

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Shungite: The Purifying Powerhouse

Delve into the depths of ancient healing with our Shungite, a rare and powerful stone hailing from the Karelian region of Russia. Each piece of our Shungite is a slice of Earth's primordial history, with a velvety black luster that absorbs and purifies. Renowned for its fullerenes—a unique carbon structure—Shungite is not just a stone; it's a legacy of time, a purifying agent that has graced the earth for over two billion years.

Shungite is often celebrated as a 'miracle stone' or 'stone of life', known for its shielding properties against electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and negative energies. It is believed to detoxify both the body and the environment, promoting a clear, grounded presence. Ideal for those seeking to create a protective sanctuary in their living space or for personal cleansing, our Shungite offerings are perfect for enhancing well-being and vitality in the modern world.

Weight: 72g

Height: 3.5

Width: 1.4 Inches 


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