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Serpentine & Pyrite Sphere

Serpentine & Pyrite Sphere

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 Serpentine: The Earth's Healing Whisper

Embark on a journey of renewal with our Serpentine, a stone that embodies the regenerative powers of nature. With its rich, green hues reminiscent of a dense forest canopy, Serpentine is sourced from the ancient rock formations across the globe, from the verdant hills of New Zealand to the rugged outcrops of Norway. Each piece in our collection is an ode to the Earth's eternal cycle of rebirth and restoration.

Dubbed the 'Earth's Healing Whisper,' Serpentine is celebrated for its detoxifying and regenerative properties. It's believed to activate the Kundalini energy, promoting spiritual exploration and a deep connection with the planet. This stone is said to aid in clearing the chakras, encouraging the release of old patterns and the embrace of positive change. Ideal for those seeking to foster inner peace and harness the transformative energies of the Earth, our Serpentine selections offer a touchstone to nature's infinite wisdom.





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