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Septarian Egg

Septarian Egg

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Septarian: The Earth's Tapestry Stone

Discover the grounded elegance of our Septarian stones, naturally formed with a captivating mix of minerals that create a tapestry of earth-toned patterns. Each piece is a unique combination of calcite, aragonite, limestone, and sometimes even barite, resembling an aerial view of the Earth's landscape. These stones, with their distinctive yellow, brown, and grey hues, offer a visual echo of ancient mud balls formed in prehistoric seas.Often referred to as the 'Earth's Tapestry Stone,' Septarian is known for its nurturing properties. It's believed to provide support and patience, essential during times of transformation and change.

This stone is said to foster a strong sense of privacy, making it ideal for those who seek solitude and introspection. Septarian is also associated with communication, encouraging clear and concise expression, especially in public speaking. For those drawn to the whispers of the past and the comfort of the Earth's embrace, our Septarian collection is a grounding force that connects the ancient world with the present.

Height: 5.5 Inches 

Width: 2 inches 

Length: 3 Inches 

Weight: 1116 Grams 

Ships from Ontario Canada 


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