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Ruby in Zoizite heart

Ruby in Zoizite heart

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Ruby Zoisite: The Vibrant Harmony Stone

Unearth the dynamic symphony of our Ruby Zoisite, a stone where fiery ruby reds interlace with the lush greenery of Zoisite, creating a visual spectacle of contrast and balance. Originating from the mineral-rich lands of Tanzania, each piece of Ruby Zoisite is a testament to nature's alchemy, embodying vitality and growth. The stone's vibrant interplay of color symbolizes the harmony of opposites, making it a compelling addition to any collection.

Ruby Zoisite is not just a feast for the eyes; it's also known as a stone of vitality, offering a unique combination of energy and passion with stability and growth. Believed to enhance psychic abilities and promote individuality while simultaneously fostering interconnectedness with others, it's a powerful tool for those embarking on a journey of personal development and social engagement. Ideal for rejuvenating creativity, sharpening the mind, and invigorating the heart, our Ruby Zoisite pieces are perfect for anyone seeking to awaken their zest for life and forge a path of harmony and abundance.

Weight: 178g

Height: 2.8In 

Width: 3 In 



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