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Ruby Kyanite Sphere

Ruby Kyanite Sphere

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Ruby Kyanite: The Beacon of Balance

Immerse yourself in the rich, celestial union of our Ruby Kyanite, where the fervent passion of ruby meets the tranquil depths of kyanite. This rare and exquisite stone, with its stunning juxtaposition of deep crimson and soothing blue, hails from the heart of India, offering a visual metaphor for balance and serenity. Ruby Kyanite is not merely a gemstone—it's a confluence of vigor and calm, a testament to the harmony of yin and yang.

Treasured in metaphysical circles, Ruby Kyanite is known as a stone of strong, dynamic energy. It is said to amplify leadership qualities, bolster self-confidence, and encourage one to speak their truth. With ruby's invigorating properties that stimulate the heart and kyanite's ability to align the chakras, this stone is believed to create a powerful conduit for life force, fostering a sense of potent tranquility. Ideal for meditation or as an inspiring addition to any space, our Ruby Kyanite pieces are beacons for those seeking to navigate life's currents with courage and peace.


Circumference: 8.5In


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