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Raw Phoenix stone

Raw Phoenix stone

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Phoenix Stone: The Rebirth Crystal

Rise anew with our Phoenix Stone, an inspiring gemstone symbolizing rebirth and renewal. This vibrant crystal, with its dynamic interplay of colors, evokes the legendary phoenix's spirit, rising from ashes into full brilliance. Phoenix Stone is an amalgam of minerals that merge to form a symbol of beginning anew, offering a palette of hope and transformation.

Often hailed as the 'Rebirth Crystal,' Phoenix Stone is believed to hold the energy of resurrection and reinvention. It's said to assist in shedding old habits and past burdens, paving the way for a fresh start. This stone is thought to inspire creativity, infuse life with renewed purpose, and bring about the joy of new possibilities. Ideal for those in transition or seeking to invigorate their lives with a renewed sense of passion and purpose, our Phoenix Stone collection offers a touchstone to the enduring cycle of change and rejuvenation.

Weight: 564

Width: 3In

Length: 6In

Height 2.5 In


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