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Lepidolite Tower

Lepidolite Tower

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Lepidolite: The Stone of Transition

Step into a realm of calm and transformation with our Lepidolite, a stone that glimmers with the promise of peace and emotional balance. With its soft lilac to rich purple hues, interlaced with shimmering mica, each piece of Lepidolite from our collection is a slice of tranquility, mined from the mineral-rich earth of Brazil. This delicate stone is a visual balm for the soul, offering a gentle touch of color and sparkle to any environment.

Lepidolite, often regarded as the 'Stone of Transition', is believed to carry strong calming and balancing energies, assisting in the release of old behavioral patterns and ushering in positive change. Its high lithium content is said to aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety, making it a popular choice for those seeking relaxation and emotional healing. Whether you're facing a period of change or looking to enhance your meditation practice, our Lepidolite is a nurturing companion, ready to soothe the mind and spirit on your journey towards inner harmony.

Weight: 80g

Height: 3.5 Inches 

Width: 1.5 inches 


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