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Bodhi Inscape

Peacock feather abstract art

Peacock feather abstract art

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Tension and stress in our lives seem to almost be a necessary evil. This is one piece that offers an escape for the everyday problems we each face. As you look at the painting, let your imagination take over. Believe that you are there with her as she watches the mysterious forest come to life. The waterfall trickles down into the pond which ripples from underneath it. Look closer and notice the tiny details in each feather of the peacock as well as the moss growing on nearby trees and rocks. The Labradorite gemstone represents mystical protection. It is believed to help one uncover their own inner power of manifestation.

Abstract painting on canvas with driftwood found in northern Alberta, peacock feathers collected at our local humane society, Labradorite gemstone, moss and quartz crystals.

Canadian Artist.


Ships from Ontario Canada 



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