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Handcrafted Tibet Buddha Sound bowl

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Tibet Buddhist singing bowls have been part of the music culture in Nepal & Tibet for thousands of years. The bowls, tuned to a specific tone, are traditionally struck with a hand-tooled leather or wooden mallet. The vibration of the bowl produces subtle overtones which resonate and harmonize themselves with the resonant frequencies of our body. This process is enhanced when played in a quiet environment during meditation, therefore creating an uplifting and meditative experience.

Nepal handmade Tibet Buddha sound bowl. Used for Yoga,  Meditation, Chanting, sound therapy. 

Bowl: Brass Chime Handcrafted Tibetan Singing Bowl

Includes: Buddha sound bowl x1 original wooden mallet x1
The Buddha sound bowl set comes with original wooden mallet
(Note: The mallet is handmade from wood, and the color difference is normal.)

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