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Multi Colored Amethyst/Auralite Cluster

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Originated in Thunderbay Canada. Half of this specimen is a very dark red Amethyst with vibrant hemitite inclusions and the other half is a light purple and yellow Ametrine Amethyst with chalcopyrite and some hemitite inclusions. The bottom also has a vug of druzy quartz crystals. 

Healing Properties: 

Auralite 23 crystal is considered a unique gemstone that is not only beautiful but is known for its diverse properties that brings balance and harmony to a person’s life. It also works towards the overall wellbeing of the body, mind, and soul. Considered to be a must-have crystal, Auralite 23 crystal is highly powerful and charged with numerous metaphysical properties.
Often termed as a master healer this crystal helps one deal with a crisis situation in a calm and composed manner. Many believe that only those who are well-grounded and meditate regularly should primarily use this crystal as it is so powerful that it may adversely affect a person if not used carefully. But if you are into crystal healing and understand the nuances involved this is just the right stone for you. 

Properties of 23 crystals and minerals have been found on this single stone which is why the stone is so named. Traces of Titanite, Limonite, Pyrite, Cacoxenite, Sphalerite, Goethite, Chalcopyrite, Pyrolusite, Gialite, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Copper, Rutile, Covellite, Bornite, Ajoite, Nickel, Magnetite, Epidote, Hematite, Lepidocrosite and Iron have been found in this stone making it a marvelous creation of nature, one that deserves all the attention and adulation. It is also a variant of amethyst.

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