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A meteorite is a fragment of a meteoroid, which is a celestial object that enters the Earth's atmosphere and survives the intense heat and pressure to reach the surface. These extraterrestrial rocks originate from various sources in the cosmos, including asteroids, comets, or even the Moon and Mars.

From a metaphysical perspective, meteorites hold a fascination for many due to their unique celestial origins. They are often associated with powerful energy and are believed to possess spiritual and metaphysical properties.


1. Connection to the Cosmos: Meteorites carry the energies and wisdom of the universe, serving as a conduit to higher realms of knowledge and consciousness.

2. Transformation and Change: The fiery journey through Earth's atmosphere symbolizes transformation and the ability to withstand intense challenges. Holding a meteorite is said to help individuals navigate life's changes and transitions.

3. Enhanced Spiritual Awareness: Many people say that meteorites can enhance one's spiritual awareness and intuition, aiding in meditation, psychic development, and astral travel.

4. Grounding Energy: Despite their cosmic origins, meteorites can have grounding properties, helping individuals stay connected to the Earth while exploring their spiritual selves.

5. Healing and Balance: Some practitioners use meteorites for healing purposes, saying they can help balance energy fields and promote physical and emotional well-being.

6. Amplification of Intentions: Meteorites are often used as tools for intention-setting and manifestation, harnessing the energy of the universe to bring about positive change in one's life.

Whether you see meteorites as conduits to the cosmos or simply as fascinating relics of our universe, they continue to captivate the imagination of people around the world.


This Specific Meteorite is from “Campo Del Cielo”-Iron Fell 1576 Santiago del Estero, Argentina







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