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Leopard Skin Jasper Tower

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Also known as the Jaguar Stone, the leopard skin jasper has many beautiful colors as well as unique dotted patterns.

Further, the stone is a form of silicon dioxide that features several inclusion that make desirable and unique patterns.

What is the significance of a crystal tower? 

The energy of a tower is directed upward and out. From the Earth, up through the crystal and out through the top of the tower. Wherever they are placed they emit a very focused and directional energy that affects the area around it as well as any other crystals that are nearby.

Height 4in

Width 1.75in

Weight 94g

Metaphysical properties: 

Leopard Skin Jasper helps you to connect with your spiritual animal totem. It is associated with spiritual discovery and shaman travel. It assists in self-healing. Leopard Skin Jasper is helpful in eliminating toxins from the body and decreasing body odour.

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