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Large Coppernite Tower

Large Coppernite Tower

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Coppernite: The Grounding Guardian

Step into the stabilizing embrace of our Coppernite, a grounding gemstone laced with the conductive powers of copper. Extracted with care from the ancient bedrock of India, each piece of Coppernite is a melding of strength and earthy energy, its metallic inclusions gleaming against a backdrop of dusky black and deep brown. This stone is a subtle reminder of the earth's timeless endurance and our connection to its enduring presence.

Coppernite is esteemed for its grounding capabilities in metaphysical practices, known as the 'Grounding Guardian.' It is believed to act as a shield against negative energies and to promote a sense of resilience and emotional harmony. The presence of copper is said to enhance circulation and vitality, making it a favored stone for those looking to foster physical well-being alongside spiritual grounding. Ideal for those seeking a talisman for protection and stability, our Coppernite offerings are a steadfast companion on the journey through life's challenges.

Height 7in

Width 2in

Weight 702g 

Metaphysical properties:

Coppernite is known for its ability to circulate energy, heal relationships, and promote stability. This stone increases vitality and promotes energetic flow whenever you're feeling stuck or stagnant



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