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Garden Quartz Lotus Ring

Garden Quartz Lotus Ring

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Garden Quartz: The Dreamer's Vista

Enter the dreamlike vision of our Garden Quartz, where each stone is a portal to an ethereal landscape. Known as Lodolite, these captivating crystals feature a symphony of mineral inclusions that create scenes as diverse and splendid as nature itself. With internal vistas of chlorite, hematite, and feldspar, their colors range from forest greens to sunset golds, each piece a glimpse into a fantastical microcosm.

Dubbed the 'Dreamer's Vista,' Garden Quartz is a beacon for those who traverse the dreamscape. It's revered for its ability to deepen the connection with the subconscious, promoting insightful dream work and aiding in the recall of ethereal journeys. This crystal is believed to open the mind's eye to the messages hidden in dreams, offering guidance and wisdom.

Ideal for those seeking to tap into the wisdom of their dreams or to add a touch of natural wonder to their waking life, our Garden Quartz collection is a key to unlocking the doors of perception and embarking on a voyage of inner discovery.  

The ring is silver plated & Adjustable to make it larger or smaller. 


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