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Earth's Emporium

Picture Jasper Tower

Picture Jasper Tower

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Weight: 114g

Height: 4Inches 

Width: 1.8 Inches 

Picture Jasper: Earth's Storyteller

Step into a world of grounding energy with our exquisite Picture Jasper stones, each one a masterpiece painted by the hands of time. Sourced from the desolate corners of Mother Earth, these stones boast earthen tones and landscape-like patterns that evoke a sense of wonder and connection to the planet's core.

Picture Jasper is a gem that transcends mere beauty; it's a stone of creativity, often called the 'Earth's Storyteller,' for it's believed to carry messages from the past within its intricate layers.Held in high regard by metaphysical practitioners, Picture Jasper is said to encourage ecological awareness, bringing to light the responsibility we share for our natural world. Its nurturing and protective energy is thought to promote feelings of comfort, alleviating fear and cultivating harmony with the earth's vibrations.

Ideal for meditation or as a striking decorative piece, our Picture Jasper selection offers a tangible slice of the world's canvas, inviting you to ground your energy and spark your imagination.


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