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Elite Multisided Thunder Bay Amethyst Specimen

Elite Multisided Thunder Bay Amethyst Specimen

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Thunder Bay District of Ontario is known world wide for its distinctive, ancient amethyst crystals.

Mined from an undisclosed private mine site in McTavish Township, in the Thunder Bay District. Called Meteoric Amethyst, Thunder Bay Red Amethyst, Canadian Amethyst and Auralite 23, this rare and unique mineral is highly sought after by collectors around the world.

Elite Multisided Thunder Bay Amethyst Specimen

Each side of this specimen displays unique crystal formations and would look best displayed on a turntable. 

Multiple color variations are present including Deep blue-violet "Blue Point", Black Amethyst and Red Point Hemitite crystal points. 

Phantom crystals can be seen within the darker points. In several areas of this specimen the points have grown into a 'flower' formation, making this specimen extra unique. 

The crimson red crystal points have a vibrant shiny luster. This stunning and unusual reddish coloration is caused by an internal coating of red hematite (iron).

A truly stunning specimen with crystals that formed all the way around the host rock, the rare crystal flower growth formations and multiple rare colours.

7kg 110g / 15lbs 10.8oz

Length: 9in

Width: 6in

Height: 9in


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