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Double-sided Blue Point & Red Point Elite Thunder Bay Amethyst

Double-sided Blue Point & Red Point Elite Thunder Bay Amethyst

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Thunder Bay District of Ontario is world famous for its distinctive, ancient amethyst crystals.

Mined from an undisclosed private mine site in McTavish Township, in the Thunder Bay District. 

Double sided Elite Specimen Thunder Bay Amethyst

The first side is deep blue-violet "Blue Point" Amethyst crystals with both perfect points and unusual growth-inhibited formation points. There are also several black amethyst points & inclusions throughout this side of the specimen. There are phantoms containing various minerals in several of the larger points.

Growth inhibition in quartz is caused by the crystals running out of space during growth. This creates an unusual formation that adds rarity and beauty to the specimen. 

The second side is full of deep vibrant red crystal points. This stunning and unusual reddish coloration is caused by an internal coating of red hematite (iron).

This specimen is a formative beauty. It showcases the chevron quartz banding between both sides of the specimen. Chevron Amethyst is formed when the veins of white quartz and amethyst fuse together.

Weight: 14lbs 9.5oz (6.620kgs)

Length: 12.5in

Height: 8.25in

Width: 4.5in 

Weight:61.4 Lbs





Metaphysical Significance: Thunder Bay Amethyst excels as an energy conduit, facilitating the flow of positive energies. Its presence enhances spiritual awareness and intuition, serving as a bridge to connect with higher realms and inner wisdom.

Practical Applications: Place it in your meditation space to become a channel for elevated energies. Display it as a stunning decor piece, radiating its calming and enlightening energy throughout your space. Embrace its role as a conduit for positive vibrations in your daily life.

SEO Keywords: Thunder Bay Amethyst, Canadian gemstone, energy conduit, healing crystal, meditation tool, spiritual awareness.

Unlock the potential of our Thunder Bay Amethyst as an energy conduit. Elevate your space and spiritual journey. Order yours today and experience its transformative essence!


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