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Banded Carnelian Sphere

Banded Carnelian Sphere

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Carnelian: The Vitality Stone

Embrace the warm, fiery energy of our Carnelian, a stone that radiates life's vigor and passion. Each piece in our collection is a celebration of vitality, glowing with rich, sunset hues ranging from bold orange to deep red. Carnelian's smooth, glassy surface invites touch and contemplation, reminding one of the fleeting moments of a perfect dusk.

Carnelian, known as the 'Vitality Stone,' is revered for its stimulating properties. It's believed to awaken the base and sacral chakras, enhancing physical energy, courage, and creativity. This gem is said to be a beacon of confidence and action, helping to banish lethargy and spur one towards success. Ideal for those seeking motivation or embarking on new ventures, our Carnelian selection is a tangible spark of inspiration, fueling your endeavors and igniting your inner fire.

Circumference: 6.5 Inches 

Weight: 578 Grams 

Ships from Ontario, Canada


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