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Caribbean Calcite Tower

Caribbean Calcite Tower

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Caribbean Calcite: The Ocean's Whisper

Sail away to tranquil shores with our Caribbean Calcite, a stone that captures the serene beauty of sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. This soothing crystal, with its waves of pale blue and sandy brown, mirrors the breathtaking landscapes of the tropics. Each piece, sourced from the remote regions of Pakistan, is a harmonious blend of calcite and aragonite, reflecting the calming energies of the ocean.

Caribbean Calcite is a gem of relaxation and spiritual awakening, often associated with the third eye and crown chakras. It's believed to foster psychic abilities, enhance inner vision, and promote a deep sense of peace. Ideal for those seeking to escape the hustle of everyday life, this stone encourages the release of stress and the embrace of a laid-back, positive outlook. Whether placed in your home as a reminder of the ocean's majesty or used in meditation to connect with higher consciousness, our Caribbean Calcite is a vessel of tranquility, inviting you to dive into a sea of inner tranquility.

Weight: 100g

Height: 2.6 Inches 

Width: 1.1 Inches 

Ships From Ontario Canada 


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