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Black Moonstone Sphere

Black Moonstone Sphere

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Moonstone: The Celestial Traveler's Gem

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our Moonstone, a luminescent gem that captures the ephemeral glow of moonlight. Harvested from the exotic lands of Sri Lanka and Southern India, each piece of Moonstone shimmers with an otherworldly light, its adularescence a dance of blue and white that whispers of hidden realms and far-off places.

Known as the 'Celestial Traveler's Gem,' Moonstone is celebrated for its connection to the moon and its influence on our intuition and emotional well-being. It's believed to enhance psychic abilities, promote inspiration, and bring success in love. This stone is often associated with new beginnings, acting as a guiding light through personal growth and transitions. Ideal for those seeking to harness the gentle strength of the moon's energy, our Moonstone offerings are a beacon of hope and a balm for the soul.

Weight: 228g

Circumference: 6.9In

black moonstone sphere with amazing silver flash! 


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