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Biotite, Aegirine & Quartz

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Mixed mineral specimen with black and gold biotite and aegirine on quartz. From Northern Ontario Canada. This specimen is very cool to look at in person. The fracture lines on the biotite glisten beautifully. 

Length 3.25in

Width 1in

Height 2in

Weight 106g

Metaphysical properties:

Aegirine is believed to provide protection from psychic attacks and is often used by those fighting addictive behaviors. It may be helpful for anyone with electrical sensitivity, such as to cell phones and computers. When worn as jewelry it is said to stimulate joy and happiness. It may also relieve stress and restore hope by dispelling negative feelings.

Biotite works on the Third Eye and Crown chakras to provide clarity of vision and encourage innovative ideas. It allows its user to cut through insignificant details and provides a clearer picture of every issue, so it can be quite beneficial in the office. It enhances visions of the Third Eye chakra and brings better understanding between the physical and spiritual worlds.

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