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925 Silver Larimar Ring

925 Silver Larimar Ring

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Larimar: The Soothing Sea Stone

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of our Larimar, a rare gemstone that mirrors the serene blues and soothing whites of the Caribbean Sea. This precious stone, found only in the Dominican Republic, is a water element talisman and a jewel of the sea, evoking calmness and clarity with its oceanic patterns and soft, watery hues.Larimar is celebrated as the 'Soothing Sea Stone,' revered for its gentle energy that promotes relaxation, healing, and the release of negative emotions. It is said to embody the tranquil sea and sky energies, guiding the soul towards inner wisdom and outer expression.

This stone is believed to facilitate communication, foster serenity, and promote a laid-back attitude, resonating with the throat chakra. Ideal for those looking to embrace the flow of life, our Larimar offerings provide a connection to the divine feminine and the healing powers of water.

925 Silver & Adjustable 


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