Sunstone: A Natural Antidote to Seasonal Slump

Sunstone: A Natural Antidote to Seasonal Slump

Feeling the winter slump? When sunshine is scarce and spirits are low, there's a mineral that might just be the remedy you didn’t know you needed. Sunstone, a beacon of light in the chill of February, ready to lift you out of seasonal gloom.

What It Is

Sunstone is a glittering mineral that owes its sparkle to reflections from inclusions of red copper or hematite. This natural phenomenon, known as aventurescence, gives it a unique glow akin to the sun. Sunstone is a feldspar crystal that literally catches the light, reminding us of the sun's return each spring.

Who Needs It

If you're battling seasonal depression or feeling the weight of short, dark days, Sunstone is your ally. It's not just a physical reminder of sunlight but also a vibrational one, ideal for anyone needing a lift in spirits, a boost in energy, or a spark of creativity and joy during the winter months.

Where to Put It/How to Use It

On Your Person: Wearing Sunstone as jewelry or carrying it in your pocket ensures its uplifting energy is always with you, acting as a personal sunlight source.

In the Home: Placing Sunstone in communal areas like the family room can spread its cheerful vibes, benefiting everyone in the household.

For Meditation: Holding Sunstone to the Solar Plexus Chakra, located around the stomach area, during meditation can help dispel seasonal sadness, encouraging feelings of warmth and emotional balance.

When to Use It

Turn to Sunstone whenever the winter blues hit hard. Its energy is particularly potent during the darker months, providing a much-needed reminder of the sun's power, even when it's hidden behind clouds.


"Like the sun, I rise, bringing light and warmth to my world."

A Few Other Uses

Stimulating Creativity: Sunstone can reawaken a sense of playfulness and creativity, perfect for when you're feeling stuck or uninspired.

Encouraging Optimism: Its radiant energy promotes positivity, helping to see possibilities instead of obstacles.

Enhancing Intuition: Sunstone strengthens trust in one's inner guidance and wisdom, a beacon during times of uncertainty.

Interesting Facts

Sunstone has been treasured throughout history, not just for its beauty but for its symbolism. In various cultures, Sunstone has been associated with the power of the sun, providing strength and vitality to its wearer. 

Native American tribes believed that the stone came from the blood of a great warrior wounded by an arrow. The blood, which carried his warrior spirit, solidified into Sunstone.

In ancient Greece, Sunstone was thought to represent the sun god, bringing life and abundance to those who carried it. With its vibrant and shimmering hues, Sunstone embodies the vitality and energy of the daylight that sustains life on Earth.

What truly makes Sunstone captivating is its aventurescence, caused by tiny inclusions of copper or hematite, which give it a distinctive glittering effect. This sparkling characteristic has made Sunstone a gemstone that not only catches the eye but also symbolizes the sparking of joy and the ignition of passion within.


As we navigate the tail-end of winter, let Sunstone be your personal shard of sunlight. Remember, the warmth you seek can often be found within, especially with a little help from our crystalline friends. Don't miss our live crystal sale this Wednesday night on Facebook at 7 PM EST, where Sunstone and many other crystals await to brighten your collection and your spirits.

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