Pink Amethyst: Your Guide to Emotional Serenity

Pink Amethyst: Your Guide to Emotional Serenity

Buckle up, because this week we're shining the spotlight on a true gem – Pink Amethyst. And not just any Pink Amethyst. We're talking about the rare, magical variety mined by our very own hands near Thunder Bay, Ontario. This isn't your average backyard rock; it's a member of the Auralite 23 family, a universal conduit for light energy, and your new best friend in emotional healing.

What It Is

Imagine a crystal born from the rugged, pristine landscapes of the Thunder Bay region, blending amethyst's calming vibes with hematite's grounding powers. Made up of 23 different minerals, this Pink Amethyst is a visual treat with a spiritual punch. Its connection to Auralite 23 means it's not just a crystal; it's a cosmic powerhouse.

Who Needs It

Struggling with the emotional weight of trauma or battling the blues? Pink Amethyst is like that wise, empathetic friend who's always there to listen. It's for anyone grappling with emotional baggage or seeking a light in the dark tunnel of depression. It’s more than just a crystal; it's a beacon of hope.

Where and How to Use It

Create your sanctuary by placing this pink beauty in your space. Near a window, it basks in the natural ebb and flow of light, cleansing and recharging itself – and you. Hold it close to your heart when you are having a difficult time or use it in a crystal grid to amplify its healing energies. It's like giving your inner child a hug, while opening your heart chakra.

When to Use It

Turn to Pink Amethyst when those old emotional ghosts come knocking or when the weight of the world feels too heavy. It's perfect for moments of reflection, during your healing journey, or when you're just seeking a slice of peace. Let this crystal be your anchor in the storm.


"Find my strength and heal my past. I am whole, I am loved, I am at peace."

A Few Other Uses

•Emotional Air Purifier: It’s like an emotional detox.

•Beacon of Love: Drawing love and fostering compassion.

•Spiritual Guide: A crystal grid’s star player, guiding you to higher wisdom.


Ready to embrace the healing power of Pink Amethyst? Join us on our live show this Wednesday night at 7 pm EST on Facebook. We'll dive deeper into the wonders of Pink Amethyst, mined straight from the heart of Thunder Bay, and showcase a galaxy of other stunning crystals. Let's rock this journey together – with real rocks! Stay vibrant, stay healed, and as always, keep shining! 🌟✨

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