Indigo Gabbro is the Must-Have Mineral for Intuitive Mastery

Indigo Gabbro is the Must-Have Mineral for Intuitive Mastery

What it is

Indigo Gabbro, also enchantingly called "Mystic Merlinite," is a magnetic stone both in appearance and properties. Its mesmerizing swirls of indigo and black are as deep as the ocean at twilight, hinting at its profound connection to the spiritual realm. Formed from molten magma that has cooled into a symphony of multiple minerals, this stone is as layered and complex as the intuitive insights it promises. It’s fairly rare, sourced mainly from Madagascar, which adds an exotic allure to its already mystical persona.

Who Needs It

Are you looking to tap deeper into your subconscious? Perhaps you feel there are messages from your dreams just on the tip of your tongue, waiting to be understood. Or maybe you’re a spiritual practitioner longing to align more closely with natural energies. It's perfect for those who are on a path of self-discovery or anyone seeking to enhance their intuitive abilities. 

Indigo Gabbro is your spiritual amplifier. It is used to intensify clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, making it a great stone for those looking to deepen their psychic insights. It's thought to open the third eye and crown chakras, enhancing intuition and spiritual understanding.

Where to Put It/How to Use It

For chakra alignment, place Indigo Gabbro directly on your third eye during meditation to enhance psychic abilities or on the crown chakra to facilitate divine communication. Carry it with you to maintain emotional equilibrium and protect your energy throughout the day. To foster a deeper connection to natural elements, position it in your garden or on a window sill where it can absorb the Earth's energy. Place Indigo Gabbro on your nightstand to boost dream recall and clarity.

When to Use It

Engage with Indigo Gabbro during phases of the moon that encourage introspection and revelation, such as the new moon or full moon. This aligns your energies with the lunar cycle, enhancing both receptivity and intuitive clarity. It’s also perfect for use in pre-meditative rituals to stabilize and prepare the spiritual body for deep explorations.

It’s also beneficial to use when making decisions or when you are seeking clarity about your path forward, making it a daily companion for those looking to harness their inner wisdom.


"I am intuitively aligned and open to the wisdom within me.”

A Few Other Uses

1. Spiritual Awakening: Accelerates personal growth and conscious awareness.

2. Emotional Healing: Helps reconcile internal conflicts and emotional blockages.

3. Protection: Shields against negative psychic influences and energy.

4. Enhanced Dream Work: Assists in dream recall and connecting with spiritual guides through dreams.


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Great blog! I had no idea how amazing and a must have crystal Mystic Merlinite can be! Thanks for sharing and see you Wednesday at 7pm!

Natalie Angèle

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