Exploring the Colors of Mica

Exploring the Colors of Mica

This week we're going to chat about the enchanting world of Mica, specifically its colorful varieties: Golden, Black (Biotite), Purple (Lepidolite), Green (Fuchsite), and Silver. Each type of mica brings its unique vibe to the metaphysical party, so let’s get to know them better.

What is Mica?

Mica, in its essence, is a group of silicate minerals known for their splendid, crystalline structure that shimmers in various hues. Each color of mica has distinct properties that resonate with different energies and chakras. 

Everyday Use of Mica 

Surprise! Mica isn't just a mystical marvel; it's also a star in the beauty world. This mineral is commonly used in makeup, giving products like eyeshadow, lipstick, and nail polish their shimmering quality. It's a natural, safe ingredient that adds a touch of sparkle and glam to your daily makeup routine.

Who Needs It

Golden Mica: Ideal for those seeking clarity in decision-making and a boost in self-confidence.


Purple Mica (Lepidolite): A must-have for those looking to reduce stress and connect with their spiritual side.

Black Mica (Biotite): Perfect for anyone needing grounding and protection from negativity.

Green Mica (Fuchsite): Great for individuals working on heart chakra issues, like emotional healing and understanding in relationships.

Silver Mica: For those aiming to enhance intuition and seeking a balance in life.

Where to Put It/How to Use It

Golden Mica: Keep it in your workspace or carry it as a talisman for clarity.

Black Mica (Biotite): Place near entryways to ward off negative energy.

Purple Mica (Lepidolite): Have it by your bedside or in a meditation space for tranquility.

Green Mica (Fuchsite): Keep in living areas to promote harmony and understanding.

Silver Mica: Use during full moon rituals or in areas of meditation for enhanced intuition.

A Few Other Uses

- Enhancing mental focus and creativity (Golden Mica).

- Strengthening emotional resilience (Black Mica).

- Aiding in spiritual awakening and psychic development (Purple Mica).

- Encouraging compassion and empathy (Green Mica).

- Balancing feminine energies (Silver Mica).

As you get into the world of micas, remember, each type offers its unique gifts. Tune into our Facebook live show this Wednesday night at 7pm EST for our crystal sale, featuring these stunning varieties of mica and many more crystals. Everyone is always welcome. 

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❤️Love the blog posts! keep up the awesome job!!

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Purple Mica is my absolute favorite ! & now I’ll be looking for silver mica as well!🥰 * BONUS; matching names ! 🤣*

Micah Brisson

Love these informative blogs and I think I need more Mica in my space.


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