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Auralite 23: The Conduit to Universal Energy

The power of thunder Bay Amethyst

Thunder Bay Amethyst is much more than just a rare and beautiful crystal. Also known as Meteoric Amethyst, Red Point Amethyst and its most recent name given by the metaphysical community; Auralite 23. It formed in the presence of 23 unique minerals, making it a powerhouse of energy. This Canadian treasure, with its vast mineral composition and unparalleled beauty, has gained popularity among crystal enthusiasts all around the world.

What is Auralite 23?

Hailing from the Thunder Bay area in Ontario, Canada, this amethyst is unlike any other. Its name, "Auralite 23", comes from the remarkable inclusions formed of 23 different minerals within its structure. These Amethyst formations began 1.2 Billon years ago, making the crystal a true testament to Earth's rich history. Each crystal, with its range of colors and patterns, is a unique work of art by nature. This incredible variety has made it a highly sought-after collectible around the world.

A Conduit to Universal Energy

One of the standout features of Auralite 23 is its ability to act as a conduit to universal energy. Auralite 23 serves as a bridge between our physical realm and the vast universe. By connecting with the stone, you can harness the continuous flow of universal energy, drawing in positive vibrations and dispelling stagnant energy from your body and surroundings.

Always Keep It Nearby

Whether you wear it as a pendant or carry a piece in your pocket, it functions as a powerful cosmic enhancer. It draws in the 'white light energy', simultaneously dispelling stagnant or negative vibes.

Thunder Bay Amethyst sharpens your intuition, paving the way for decisions that resonate with your higher self. It also makes you more receptive to the omnipresent universal love.

This gem harmonizes your body's energy points, ensuring a smooth energy flow and promoting overall wellness. It offers a grounding effect, mitigating feelings of anxiety and negativity. Auralite 23 fosters personal growth, deepening one's bond with their spiritual path, while ensuring they remain anchored to Earthly realities.

For optimal benefits, place Auralite 23 in the most expansive room of your house, ideally higher than your heart chakra. Here's why:

- Expansive spaces amplify the crystal's energy, enveloping the entire home.

- Positioning the stone above the heart chakra (a vital center linked with love and compassion) elevates our energy and vibrations. Such placement engages the higher chakras, including the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, which govern communication, intuition, and spiritual bonding.

Thunder Bay Amethyst, with its stunning appearance and unparalleled energy-conducting properties, stands as a testament to the wonders of our planet. Whether you're an avid crystal collector or someone looking to enhance the energy flow in your life, this stone, with its historical richness and universal connectivity, is a gem in every sense of the word.

A Special Note for our Readers

We take immense pride in owning a private mine that produces exceptionally high-quality Thinder Bay Amethyst.

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Lucien Brooks

Amazing blog! Very informative. Always learning something new about that stunning Thunder Bay Amethyst – Auralite 23 you guys mine! Thanks for sharing this info. I always looks forward to reading your blogs and Wednesday nights when the crystal family gets together on-line at 7pm EST. Best part of my week!

Natalie Angèle

Thanks for all the interesting information! The Auralite you mine is amazing ! Each piece is so unique.


So informative!! I didn’t know you had a blog on your website.. so cool


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