Amazonite: Your Pathway to Expressive Clarity and Physical Harmony

Amazonite: Your Pathway to Expressive Clarity and Physical Harmony

This week's Mineral of the Week, Amazonite, is celebrated for its dual capabilities: facilitating heartfelt communication and supporting physical well-being. Let’s dig into how this mineral can be a cornerstone in your journey toward balanced health and clear, effective communication.

What It Is

Amazonite is a striking gemstone, flaunting shades of turquoise and green, embodying the strength and tranquility of flowing water. It's revered for its therapeutic properties, offering a bridge between the heart and the throat, encouraging honest expression, and fostering physical healing.

Who Needs It

Individuals Struggling with Communication: If you're someone who feels overwhelmed by your emotions or struggles to communicate effectively, Amazonite might be your ally.

Whether it’s difficulty in expressing emotions to a spouse, fear of speaking up at work, or the challenge of articulating thoughts without getting overwhelmed, Amazonite is your communication ally, clearing the throat Chakra.

Those in Need of Physical Healing: Particularly beneficial for those dealing with stress-related conditions, throat issues, or imbalances that benefit from serene energy, like sleep disturbances or digestive problems. Amazonite is also beneficial for those dealing with thyroid imbalances, or recovery from illnesses where maintaining a stress-free environment is crucial. 

*Not a substitute for a medical professional but to be used in conjunction with professional advice.

Where to Put It/How to Use It

- Enhancing Communication: Place Amazonite in spaces where conversations happen – near your work desk for clearer communication with colleagues, or in the living room to aid in family discussions. It’s also perfect for wearing as a necklace, keeping its energy close to your throat chakra.

- Promoting Physical Healing: Create a crystal grid with Amazonite for health, or place it on your body to focus its healing energy where it’s needed. Infuse its essence into your water by using safe, tumbled stones in your water bottle for a healing elixir.

- Supporting Kids’ Expression: Position Amazonite in your child’s room or study area to encourage them to express their emotions and thoughts clearly and confidently.

When to Use It

Utilize Amazonite in times of critical conversations, when healing is a priority, or whenever you feel the need for its supportive, soothing energy. It’s a versatile stone, suitable for daily wear or specific moments requiring its unique vibrational benefits.


“With clarity and calm, I express my truth and embrace energitic healing.”

A Few Other Uses

Amazonite isn't just for communication and healing; it has a broad spectrum of uses:

Stress Relief: It’s known for its ability to soothe the nervous system, promoting a sense of calm and reducing stress and anxiety.

Energy Protection: This stone is said to absorb microwaves and cellphone emanations, acting as a protective shield against electromagnetic pollution.

Harmonizing the Home: Use it in your home or workspace to harmonize energies, creating a peaceful environment that encourages positive interactions.


Leverage the serene yet powerful energy of Amazonite to transform your communication and health. Don’t forget to join us for our live crystal sale on Facebook this Wednesday night at 7pm EST, featuring Amazonite and loads of other crystals & minerals. Discover how to integrate these gems into your life for personal growth, healing, and clear communication.

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